Jesus Is… Summer Camp

We had such a great time at Summer Camp 2015: Jesus Is…

Check out everything below and relive some of the special moments from Camp.


Friday Evening
Session 1: Jesus is Your Friend
Pastor Andrew
Audio: Jesus is Your Friend

Saturday Morning
Session 2: Jesus is Grace
Pastor Andrew
Audio: Jesus is Grace

Saturday Afternoon
Session 3: Q&A Panel
Pastor Ryan C., Pastor David L., Luna N., Jonathan C., & Kari L.
Audio: no audio recorded.

Saturday Evening
Session 4: Jesus is the Point
Pastor Zach
Audio: Coming Soon

Sunday Morning
Session 5: Jesus is Happy
Pastor Andrew
Audio: Jesus is Happy

Sunday Afternoon
Session 6: Breakouts
Jordan D: Jesus is Hungry
Hannah L: Jesus is The Lover of Your Soul
Olivia L: Jesus is an Intercessor
Rachel B: Jesus is an Atmosphere Changer

Sunday Evening
Session 7: Jesus is Alive
Pastor Zach
Audio: Part I   Part II (Ministry)

Monday Morning
Session 8: Jesus is Here
Pastor Zach
Audio: no audio recorded.


Worship Moment:



Did you enjoy the incredible worship at Summer Camp? Here are some of the songs we sang:
Spotify Playlist:
YouTube: Mercy by Bethel |
YouTube: Good Good Father by House Fires |